Armav App

How to Use

1. Introduction

Dear user, we prepared this guide in partnership with Unicef Armenia. This will help you to download and use ARMAV AAC to familiarize yourself with its functions.

2. Armav AAC Symbols

In our app, words are represented by symbols selected from open online professional resources. They contain easy-to-understand images that have been tested for many years. Internationally recognized symbols have been chosen for concepts that are difficult to represent in an image.

3. About the voices in app

The name of each symbol in the application was recorded in four voices: female, male, girl and boy. When entering, the user indicates his gender and age, as a result, the application automatically activates the appropriate voice.

4. About the app's word dictionary

App includes a large number of words (about 2000) that are central and satisfies the daily interactions of toddlers, preschoolers, schoolchildren and adults.

5. How to download the app?

The application is available for both iOS and Android devices. To download it, you need to write ARMAV AAC in the search field in the App Store or Google Play.
Or scan the QR code presented on the screen.

6. How to login the app?

After downloading, you see welcome to ARMAV. First, press “Let’s Start” button. If you are already registered in the application, you must enter your username and password. If you are just registering, click the create account button. To create your communication profile, fill in your information: username and password.
Fill in your personal information on the next page.
“Please note that we follow a privacy policy. Therefore, you should read it and make the appropriate note.”

7. How the colors of folders are chosen?

The application folders are themed and have specific colors that meet internationally accepted standards for such applications. For example: verbs are green, nouns are orange, adjectives are blue, etc.

8. Where are inflected words and conjugated verbs inserted?

Syntactic and grammatical features of the Armenian language. For this purpose, conjugated versions of verbs and inflected nouns have been included in the appendix. This enables the user to express thoughts grammatically correctly.

9. How to use the remote communication feature of the application?

The application also provides remote communication to the user. He can send the sentence he made through various methods of communication: e-mail, Viber, WhatsApp, Messenger.

10. How to use the "History" section of the application?

The history section stores the words and phrases used by the user. If it is necessary to repeat them, you don’t have to collect what you have to say word by word. This section also helps the parent to understand the child’s activity in school and beyond.

11. What do the arrows on the symbols mean and In what cases they can be useful?

The developed arrows, being added above the symbol, symbolize the conjugation of the verb or the stem of the noun. This also helps a non-reader to choose a word with the correct form or conjugation and to make grammatically correct sentences.

12. How to make a sentence with the application and how many words can the user make and "pronounce"?

To make a sentence, the option to speak in full sentence must be activated in the settings section.
The user’s thought can be of any complexity and length. After completing the thought, he taps the appropriate button, the device speaks the entire thought.

13. How to create a word?

It is possible to add an unlimited number of words to the application using the voice of a relative/professional, using pictures downloaded from the Internet or your own photos.

14. How to remove a word?

The words we created can be easily deleted.

15. How to find the required word?

In order to use the application easily, it is important that you can easily find the word you need. The application gives you such an opportunity.

16. How to divide the screen into larger parts?

The screen can be divided into more than 2, 4, 8, 16, 16 parts, taking into account the user’s mobility, visual and mental abilities.

17. How to activate word-by-word or sentence-by-sentence options?

Word-by-word or sentence-by-sentence options can be selected based on the user’s speaking ability.

18. How to create a folder?

You can choose the folders and subfolders offered by the developer or create your own, making the app highly personalized.
Folders, words and symbols can be added in the application for user’s personal communication needs and having folders applicable in different situations (school, yard, home, etc.).

19. How to remove a folder?

Word-by-word or sentence-by-sentence options can be selected based on the user’s speaking ability.

20. What does the Expressions folder contain?

In the application there is an “Expressions” folder, which includes the most frequently needed expressions of people with communication difficulties.

21. How to activate Eastern Armenian and Western Armenian versions?

You can choose the Eastern Armenian or Western Armenian version in the application settings menu, getting the opportunity to communicate in the family dialect.

22. How to change the background/border of pictures?

Images can be chosen to have a border of a certain color or a solid background based on the color saturation preference of the symbols or the user’s eyesight.

23. How to choose the voice in which the application will speak?

When registering and in settings menu, the user is choosing the voice application will speak.

24. What is a grid of 36 words?

Images can be chosen to have a border of a certain color or a solid background based on the color saturation preference of the symbols or the user’s eyesight.

25. What is "The Network You Build"?

A network can be created for each user according to his communication needs and capabilities. This feature makes the application available to a larger number of users.